This page offers some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the UK-German Connection online application system. More specific guidelines are linked at the top of a given application’s process page.

An application process page

Logging in

You must register an account with this online application system to complete an application for UK-German Connection programmes. Please ensure you make a note of your email address and password at time of registration. If you are unable to subsequently log into the system, try the “Forgotten your password?” option on the login page. As alternatives if this does not help you might try accessing the login page through an ‘In Private’ or ‘Incognito’ browser window, or using this alternative link to reset your login.

Navigating the online application system
The menu top right gives access to basic system functions including the list of applications and the links to login or logout of the system. Clicking an application from the list of those open will takeĀ  you to a specific application process page. That page is your main navigation aid for the application process. Clicking a section title will take you to the form for that section. Clicking the header at the top of the screen will take you back to the applicationĀ process page. Clicking to save the current section’s form will also take you back to the application process page.

Your application reference
The reference number for your application is shown top/right on the application process page (see screenshot above). This reference number should be quoted in any correspondence with the UK-German Connection office to help us to quickly identify your application. Include this number when sending any supplementary documentation by email attachment to us. Also, if asking for a reference for an application from someone else, ask them to quote the reference number when sending in this reference.

Saving and returning to an in-progress application
The online application system is a web-page based system. Once you have logged in you can complete any or all sections. If you wish you can logout and return at a later time to complete further sections or the remainder of the application. Avoid taking longer than 30 minutes on a given form, you may save partial progress and return to it if more time is needed. Copy pasting complete answers to more involved questions from a word processing program can save time during the application process.

Completing all sections
The application process page shows your progress through the application. A completed section will have a green background and a tick symbol to mark it as completed. All sections must be completed before submitting an application.

Previewing your application
At any time during the process you can preview the full application using the ‘Preview Application’ button at the bottom left of the application process page. As noted in the guidelines, you should use this preview feature to print or save a copy of your application before you proceed to finish the application and submit it.

Downloading your application

While previewing your completed application, there are various options to create a PDF version to download. Depending on your operating system and browser, you may have a “Save as PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF” option on the list of available printers. Alternatively look for an “Export to PDF” option on the File menu of your browser.

Final submission
Once all sections have been completed, and you have previewed the application to print or save a copy for your reference, proceed to submission by clicking the Finish application button on the application process page. This is a non-reversible action so do check your application carefully before clicking to finish.

Printing/saving your applicationĀ 
Use the preview application button to see a complete listing of your application answers. You can use the print command on your browser to print a paper copy of this screen, or alternatively, use the Save As/Save Page As command (Ctrl+S) from your browser’s file menu to save a local webpage copy of the completed application – see the ‘Downloading your application’ section above for other possible options for saving an application as a PDF file. It is recommended you do this just before clicking Finish to submit your application.

If you have any further need for assistance, after consulting the instructions above, please e-mail us via